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This is a Playtest version of the game. It holds limited options, but contains the vast majority of the core rules, making it possible to play the game up to 10th level. We tried to make it look and feel as polished as we could at this point of the project, but small errors and typos might still be present. This is not a final product! This Playtest is Free, but you can support the project by Paying what you Want. Feel free to support us, and thank you!


Welcome to Arkelon, a world of progress, conflicts and incredible diversity.

Following the discovery of an old Alien ruin in the frozen wastes of the North, technology jumped hundreds of years into the future in a very short time frame, allowing the many inhabitants of Arkelon to explore their vast and intricate world. In the wake of this incredible discovery, more primal races struggled to find their place in this new world, their spirituality and way of life being challenged by the new technologies, while others thrived due to these new opportunities. Gods are slowly forgotten, as machines and technologies are now able to replicate their miracles. In this golden age of technological progress and discovery, many adventures unfolds as corporations attempt to gain control of valuable resources, corrupt politicians take control of cities, daring explorers find marvelous archaeological sites, self-proclaimed heroes and villains are worldwide phenomenon, and unseen forces seeks to corrupt the very soul of Arkelon.

This Playtest includes:
- All of the rules you need to play or run an Arkelon Chronicles game. From how to create monsters and create your own character, to conditions and environmental effects.
- 6 playable character classes, each with one available path. From disciplined Warriors and peaceful Druids, to the religious Priest and cunning Outlaw, the choice is yours!
- 5 playable races, both classic and original. From the domineering Shiaris and common Humans, to the warmongering Dragonkins and colorful Jaanvaris.
- A wide variety of spells, talents, skills, personality traits and items(both magical and technological) to create the character you want to play!
- Information about the setting, including gods, spirits, beliefs and basic adventure hooks
- Interactive character sheets

Core Rules
Arkelon Chronicles uses polyhedral dice sets, with a D20 as the main dice used to resolve conflicts, and uses a comparative system for combat and active skills. In combat, both parties roll their dices and the highest of the two wins the exchange. The Stamina Points system allows characters and creatures to help allies or impair foes at critical moments of a battle with special abilities, even while it isn't their turn, keeping everyone as engaged as possible.


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