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“There’s a world, much like our own, where darkness lives. Its influence seeps into our world, corrupting those with a weak soul. That is why The Gift exists. Those with The Gift must travel to The Beyond and free the world from Shadows. But The Gift always comes with a price…

We never know, it is never said, we understand too late. Do not accept The Gift. It is tempting, it seems beautiful, but when something appears too good to be true, it is usually the case…”

Last Hope is a tabletop roleplaying game within which you play as a teenage character trying to fight evil corruption in an alternate version of the world, while also living your daily life as a student.

Through a strange contract, you were given The Gift, transforming you into a Magical girl and giving you special powers.

While Last Hope can be used as an all-age tabletop roleplaying game, it is better to adjust some of the darker sub-themes of the game (we recommend at least 10 and up to include darker sub-themes for younger audience).

Gameplay Statistics

In Last Hope, some statistics affects both your daily life and your Magical Girl's life. These are usually the statistics that are used when required to roll dice (in this case, D4)


Heroism relates to your willingness to accomplish difficult physical tasks or put yourself in danger. Heroism is usually used for attacks, physical tasks and some special abilities.

Speed relates to your reflexes and awareness. Speed is usually used to determine in which order you act during combat sequences and for some special abilities.

Charm relates to your ability to interact with those around you. Charm is usually used in social situations and for some special abilities.

Wit relates to your ability to learn and investigate. Wit is usually used when looking for clues, studying and for some special abilities.


Special Statistics
There are also 4 statistics that are more volatile, vital to your character's survival.

Vitality is your health. Not only the amount of damage you can take, but also your overall ability to accomplish tasks.

Soul is the source of Magic. This is the resource you use when you want to use special moves such as beams of magic or heal your friends.

Corruption is a special statistic, a dark force that interferes with one Magical Girl’s soul and heart. You gain corruption every time you use abilities that consumes Soul.


Determination is gained through interacting with your friends and doing activities you enjoy. Determination can be used to cleanse corruption and regain vitality in dire times.


*Note that even though the term Magical Girls is used throughout the book, the character you create can be of any gender you wish them to be.

*Last Hope is based on Caltrop Core, published by Titanomachy RPG, The Caltrop Core SRD is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Tagscaltrop, caltropcore, d4, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game
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